As I look around the world
it makes me sigh
everything I am seeing
brings a tear to the eye

We cannot give up
though this road is long
we must all pull together
because together we are strong

Some will need carried
and some will lead
others will help
to be a friend indeed

You must stay safe
so stay inside
listen to advice
by the rules abide

Our National Health Service
needs us now
you may well ask
the question how

They keep on telling us
I listen with pride
to give us all a chance
stay inside

Look what they are doing
we shouldn't cross the line
help our health workers
on the frontline

They are risking their lives
and so many have died
so help them out
by staying inside

People are frightened
that I understand
but to fight this war
together we must stand

There are many things
we shouldn't need to remind
be helpful, respectful
and always kind

With that in mind
I would like to say
to frontline staff
I give thanks every day

And to end with the message
in this poem
to help save lives
please stay at home