They are graceful
They are beautiful
and always on my mind
They are athletes
of the highest
they are willing and kind
They will give
then give some more
I will always admire
They make me laugh
make me cry
and set my heart
on fire
On Valentines Day
I am talking of course
to all of those
who have the love
of the horse
I will name a few
for whom I care
my greatest love is
Buveur D'Air
I await his return
for fame and glory
the Champion of Champions
in a fairytale story
whilst off the track
he is a big miss
I wish him good health
sealed with a kiss
And Altior
He is the King
the Champion of Chasers
he makes my heart sing
He is exciting
and exuberant
with intelligence in his eye
A high class horse
who will always try
and so it makes sense
this is not biased
Ad Altiora
meaning The Highest
There cannot be another
like Tiger Roll
he has clawed to the top
and my heart
he has stole
small in stature
but less is more
an abundance of courage
he has in store
A Grand National Winner
not once
but twice
A Champion of the National
and soon it could be thrice
This marathon trip
when some are walking
he is waiting
he is stalking
he is carrying weight
but he is full of heart
Tiger Roll
could tear the field apart
over the last
and on the run in
if the Tiger is there
Tiger Roll will win
But the greatest victory
I have found
is that all of the horses
come home safe and sound
And for Valentines Day
not a day too late
for the love of horses
I would like to dedicate