It is Valentines Day we could kiss and tell
you could fall in love if you're going to Fontwell
with nothing to hide there is no mystery
Fontwell Park steeped in racing history.
At 2.05 they will make a start
I hope the first race will not break my heart
I've chosen my nap he means something to me
the gorgeous grey gelding Silver Quay
As I look at the horses I can see a haze
I have given this a name "For the love of Greys"
with no penalty to carry after two wins
I am hoping this is where the love begins.
But Goodgirlteresa if she is a good girl
now back hurdling could give it a whirl
with Amzac Magic some magic we could see
but only if the winner is Silver Quay.
In the 2.35 and this could be very good
with a useful flat racer called Christopher Wood
and Westbrook Bertie may show the way
a course and distance winner on Boxing Day
this could be a race between the two
but if there was a surprise perhaps Dragon Tattoo.
At 3.10 if I did have a bet
It would definitely be on Le Coeur Net
he knows how to win he's done it before
by 18 lengths he beat Alf 'N' Dor
but never say never, it's not beyond belief
if on his best form you couldn't rule out Triple Chief.
In the 3.45 to keep my love alive
on Valentines Day with My Lady Grey
at an each way price I am seeing the haze
I just can't help "For the love of Greys"
But Dame Du Soir may cause some fog
and if she jumps well it could be Bullfrog.
No matter your love on or off the course
there is no greater love than for the love of a horse.